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Our Sage and Lavender Candle unites the cozy fragrances of sage and lavender together to create a unique signature scent. This calming aroma has been proven to soothe and relax, creating a peaceful atmosphere, making it an ideal gift for any event.


Note Profile:

This product contains a pleasing blend of fragrances, including those of Lavender, Camphor, Rosemary, Sage, Chamomile, Cedar, and Sandalwood.


All of our candles are made with soy wax. We don't use any additives like dyes or stabilizers, so sometimes the color of your candle may change over time. It's totally normal and won't affect the quality of your candle at all. The fragrance oils we use are phthalate-free, paraben-free, and designed to be burned in candles. If you would like more information on the safety of our fragrances, please let us know. Our 10 oz glass jar candles have a burn time of 40+ hours, while our 6 oz tin jar candles have a burn time of 25+ hours and are perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, and smaller living spaces.

Candle Care

Make sure you trim the wick to about 1/4" before you light it. Before every light be sure to trim off any excess wick. This helps your candles last longer and helps to keep them from overheating. When lighting for the first time, burn until wax melts across the entire surface of the vessel. Don't let your candle burn more than 4 hours at a time. Keeping your wick trimmed and your burn even should help, but with fire comes soot.

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Customer Reviews

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My Evening Retreat

I recently treated myself to the Sage and Lavender Candle, and oh, what a delightful decision that was! From the first flicker of its flame, my home was enveloped in a cocoon of calm. The blend of sage and lavender is not just a scent; it's a whisper of tranquility that seems to gently shush away the chaos of the day.

Each note in this candle tells a story - the lavender brings back memories of serene fields I visited one summer, while the sage adds a grounding earthiness that feels like a warm hug. The hints of camphor, rosemary, and chamomile weave together into a melody that soothes the soul, and the soft embrace of cedar and sandalwood lingers like a fond goodbye from an old friend.
Lighting this candle has become my cherished ritual, a way to invite peace into my evenings. It's more than just a candle; it's a 10 oz jar of serenity that transforms my space into a sanctuary. I've found not just a fragrance I enjoy but a moment of zen that I look forward to every day. This Sage and Lavender Candle has truly been a gift to myself, a reminder to pause and breathe in the midst of life's hustle.

Victoria Matthews
Amazing candle

I love my sage and lavender candle. Amazing scent and I love that is a soy candle.

Kathleen Fox

Great smell and arrived quickly