If you're a fan of aromatic candles, you've likely come across the terms "fragrance oils" and "essential oils" in the world of scented products, often used interchangeably.


The interchangeable usage of these terms can be perplexing, especially when trying to comprehend the true scent of a candle and the composition of its enchanting aroma. Hence, today's discussion will clarify the distinction between fragrance oils and essential oils utilized in candles.
FRAGRANCE OILS AND ESSENTIAL OILS The primary distinction between fragrance oils and essential oils lies in their origin. Fragrance oils are synthetically produced in labs, whereas essential oils are naturally obtained from plants and other organic materials.

Essential oils trace their origins back to the Arab's golden era when they were first distilled. Their popularity gradually spread across various fields, including medicine, aromatherapy, culinary arts, and fragrance creation.

Conversely, fragrance oils were deliberately engineered for usage in candles, perfumes, soaps, and other aromatic items. They are crafted to ensure a pleasant, enduring "scent throw".

Fragrance oils are a favorite among DIY candle creators due to their user-friendly nature.

Using essential oils can be more complex as they are more volatile, having a lower boiling point and evaporating faster when heated. As a result, candles made with essential oils generally don't maintain their aroma as long as those made with fragrance oils.

BENEFITS AND DRAWBACKS OF ESSENTIAL OILS Creating a scented candle with the perfect fragrance using essential oils can be a complex process.

The quality of the essential oil plays a significant role in the overall aroma, with factors such as the cultivation, storage, and transportation of the plants from which the oil is derived being out of the candle maker's control.

High-quality essential oils yield the best results, but their cost can be prohibitive, especially considering the volume required for experimentation with candle fragrances.

Despite the higher cost and complexity associated with essential oils, some creators prefer them due to their natural origin and potential health benefits.

For those considering essential oil-infused candles, consider the following robust and enduring scents:

Peppermint: Known for its crisp, invigorating aroma that alleviates stress. Bergamot: This vibrant citrus scent aids in anxiety relief, thanks to limonene and dopamine. Eucalyptus: Traditionally used by Aboriginal tribes in Australia for its medicinal properties, this scent is woody and reminiscent of camphor. Cinnamon: Its spicy, sweet fragrance brings a sense of nostalgia and relaxation, especially during the cold winter months. Orange: This warm citrus scent helps reduce stress and anxiety and can potentially alleviate depression.

ADVANTAGES AND DISADVANTAGES OF FRAGRANCE OILS Fragrance oils are artificially created in a lab and contain a chemical called Diethyl Phthalate (DEP), used as a solvent to enhance and prolong the fragrance.

Fragrance oils can be classified into two types: natural and synthetic.

Natural fragrance oils: Created in a lab using natural aromatic raw materials, which are isolated or combined. They may comprise essential oils, parts of essential oils, or multiple essential oils. Synthetic fragrance oils: These oils use artificial chemicals to mimic scents that cannot be naturally derived or do not exist in nature. For instance, essential oils from most fruits (excluding citrus) can't be obtained naturally, hence synthetic fragrance oils are used for fruity scents. Other aromas like amber, vanilla, and chocolate also come from synthetic fragrance oils. Recognizing the use of a fragrance oil can be challenging. 





FINAL THOUGHTS Regardless of your preference between essential oils and fragrance oils in your aromatic candles, remember that the quality of the oil is paramount. If you're crafting your own candles, sourcing oils from a trustworthy supplier will yield superior results compared to cheap, mass-produced oils from craft stores. This principle applies to candle purchasing as well!

At Sweetu Candles we value quality and safety above all. We harness the best of both worlds by using a blend of fragrance oils infused with essential oils. This unique formulation ensures a delightful, long-lasting scent while also maintaining the inherent benefits of essential oils. Rest assured, our products are safe to use, providing you a comforting and aromatic experience with every light.

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