Welcome, fellow candle aficionados of Chicago! SweetU Candles, your trusted local expert in crafting premium soy candles, is here to unravel the mysteries of candle storage. Ever pondered why a well-aged candle doesn't exude the same robust aroma as a brand-new one? It's not mere coincidence; it’s all about proper storage. Dive into our comprehensive guide and discover how to maximize your candle's life and fragrance.

Understanding the Fragrance Journey: From Wax to Air

Every candle, even when unlit, is in a perpetual dance with its environment. Its scent molecules continuously evaporate from the wax, a phenomenon known by some as the "cold throw" and by others as "scent degradation." Regardless of the nomenclature, the principle remains consistent.

Consider this: when you ignite a scented candle stored for 5 years next to a fresh one straight from SweetU Candles, the disparity in aroma strength is palpable. The once-vibrant fragrance of the older candle might have faded or even vanished. Fortunately, with the right storage techniques, you can extend that delightful fragrance's lifespan.

Candle Storage 101: Three Cardinal Culprits to Evade

Storing candles effectively is a straightforward endeavor. Just ensure they're shielded from these three primary adversaries:

  1. HEAT: Fragrance oils and waxes despise heat. Refrain from placing candles near devices that emit heat, such as ovens, heaters, or in direct sunlight. Ideally, select a cool, stable spot with temperatures not exceeding 80°F. While refrigerating candles is a nifty trick, avoid the freezer to circumvent wick and wax issues.

  2. MOISTURE: Humidity and candles are sworn enemies. Bathrooms and kitchens, notorious for their elevated humidity, are unsuitable for candle storage. Aim for a dry area, and be wary of spots prone to water leakage.

  3. SUNLIGHT (UV LIGHT): Despite the allure of a sunlit candle jar, it's detrimental for the candle within. Direct sunlight hastens the degradation of the wax's dyes and fragrance oils, leading to premature scent and color fade. Opt for a shaded or dark storage area.

SweetU's Exclusive Tips for Ultimate Candle Preservation

  • Cap Them Off: Shield your candle's aroma by covering it when idle. For lidless candles, consider a chic bell cloche. It retains the scent and adds a decorative touch.

  • Prioritize Safety: Store candles beyond the reach of inquisitive children and pets. Elevated shelves or designated storage spaces are ideal.

Wrap Up

With SweetU Candles, each candle embodies a commitment to unparalleled quality, love, and an unmatched olfactory experience. Adhering to these storage guidelines guarantees that every ignition, every flicker, and every aroma lingers as if experienced for the first time. Chicago, let's cherish and extend those scented moments!

About SweetU Candles: As Chicago's premier soy candle brand, we're devoted to delivering an unparalleled aromatic experience. Each candle is a fragrant journey, handcrafted with passion and precision.

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